Pabst Blue Ribbon

Originally called “Select,” people asked for the “Blue Ribbon” beer when we began tying silk ribbons around the bottles in 1882 to commemorate its award-winning taste.  The name was officially changed to Pabst Blue Ribbon in 1895.   As a beer known today for its iconic can, it is fitting that PBR was first to introduce canned beer in 1935.

While much has changed in the world since PBR was first brewed in 1844, our commitment to high quality without pretense remains steadfast.  It’s not multi-million dollar advertising campaigns that make a good product; it’s the true value it brings to consumers.  We want to be there when you’re having fun, which is why PBR believes in supporting the communities that support us.  Our distinction as the fastest growing American lager in the country tells us we’ve found a pretty good recipe.