Draught beer by nature is the best product a brewer can offer its customers. Because draught beer is NOT pasteurized it gives you the freshest, cleanest tasting beer available, which are the hallmarks of a great beer. Pasteurization extends the shelf life to suit the needs of bottles & cans. Draught beer yields higher profit margins. In order to maximize both, you must also exert care & maintenance in dispensing this quality product.

The two most important components in handling draught beer are:

1. Draught beer must be refrigerated at all times (temperature range: 36- 40 degrees) from when it is tapped to when it is poured.

2. Draught beer has a shorter shelf life than that of cans or bottles. Depending on the brewer, the shelf life can range from 45 – 60 days from the time it is brewed.

The two most important components in dispensing draught beer:

1. Proper Co2 amounts applied to the beer (consult your beer sales or service representative)

2. Most importantly your beer lines must be cleaned correctly & frequently. Cleaning beer lines keeps the beer tasting fresh at all times. If lines are not cleaned bacteria can build up, causing dispensing problems, particles in the beer & a sour taste. Beer lines 25’ or less should be cleaned every 2 weeks & lines exceeding 25’ should be cleaned every week. These are standards set by Coors Brewing Co., as well as many other brewers. An approved beer line-cleaning chemical should be used. Remember always contract a distributor approved cleaning service.