Revolution Brewing

In the summer of 1995, Josh Deth landed a job at Golden Prairie Brewing. At this now-defunct brewery, Josh was just a novice, where he started learning the beer business by dutifully cleaning kegs and scrubbing tanks.

A few years later, Josh dreamt up the idea for Revolution while working at Goose Island as a cellarman and brewpub brewer. After the first few tries at opening a brewery didn’t work out, Josh opened Handlebar in 2003 with his wife Krista and a few friends. Always taking on more, he also held the role of Executive Director of Logan Square Chamber of Commerce, working to promote local businesses and simultaneously managing the Logan Square Farmers Market. In 2008, while working at the Chamber, he found a cool old building on Milwaukee Avenue with a nice tin ceiling. The brewery idea bubbled up again.

After a few years of raising funds, planning construction, and dealing with the zoning department, Revolution Brewing opened up in February 2010. Revolution Brewing is now Illinois’ largest independently owned craft brewery. In 2016, Revolution Brewing cracked into the Brewers Association’s list of the top 50 craft brewing companies in the United States.


Anti-Hero IPA

Galaxy Hero IPA

Local Hero IPA