Third Shift Brewing

Brewing after hours, the Band of Brewers created this gold medal-winning amber lager that’s deep in flavor, yet light on the palate. It’s a tasty nod to those who keep the lights on a bit later. Third Shift is the inevitable result of a passion for brewing spilling past the work day, and in to the wee hours. It is a series of award-winning beers brewed by a band of brewers whose love of beer, and passion for brewing doesn’t stop when the day shift is over. A cadre of our most passionate brewers combined their knowledge and passion to create these great beers. On their malty journey, they had a few laughs, created beer-lover’s beers, and even ended up winning a few gold medals. The first in the series—the Amber Lager—won its gold medal just a few years ago at a major American beer festival.


Amber Lager