San Gabriel Birra Veneta

San Gabriel brewery founded in 1997, is birth from an idea by the beersommelier Gabriele Tonon, graduated at Doemens academy of Munich in Bayer. The production began in an ancient mansion at Busco in Ponte di Piave village just beside the Benedictine abbey where in middle ages healing drinks were prepared and beer was one of them.

The work is executed with modern technologies, but according to the instructions of Pureness Edict, issued in Bayer during the Renaissance Age, in order to guaranteeing the absolute and highest naturalness of the golden drink.

The world of beer production is a fascinating one jointed to ancient tradition, but is required a constant research, full care about the fundamental ingredients and more and more advanced technologies. Naturalness and quality of beer that has always been our main target continuously stimulate us to a hard development work

Since 1997, the precious receipts, the handcraft San Gabriel beers are produced with, have been coming from the experiences grown in Bayer and Austrian breweries.



Ambra Rossa

Le Classiche Bionda

Heffe Weizen