Lila Wines

Lila comes from the ancient Sanskrit word for “play like the gods.” That sense of playfulness and adventure is what the Lila brand is all about and we made sure to integrate that feeling into the packaging, voice, and tone of the brand. Lila Wines are packaged in specially developed, eco-friendly cans engineered to maintain the quality of the wine inside. With an increased internal coating and a thicker wall than traditional aluminum cans, each Lila can is sealed with a unique wine lid to guarantee smooth, fresh taste. And unlike bottled wines, Lila cans do not pick up UV light from sitting on a shelf, making the wines last as long, if not longer than, their bottled counterparts.

Lila wines was featured in the recent issue of Cosmopolitan magazine located in the following link: Cosmopolitan.com_4.20.16

For more about Lila Wines, check out the link to their website below.


Pinot Grigio

Sauvignon Blanc