The Partner Ships are bold and unique beers brewed at Heavy Seas Beer in Baltimore, MD, in collaboration with some of our most esteemed colleagues. Born of friendship, creativity, and a boundless sense of adventure, the Partner Ships celebrate the spirit of American craft beer today.
Maine Partner: Aggressive American hops abound the aroma of this collaborative effort. Waves of orange blossom, grapefruit, and lemon aromas sail atop a subtle toasted malt character. This Red IPA offers an impressive hop forward characteristic over a burnished malt backbone.
Troegs Partner: We had to invent a new style of beer for this collaboration with Troegs. Hoppelbock, a hoppy strong amber lager, makes up our second installment of the Partner Ships series. We crafted this beer with all German hops and a large percentage of locally sourced malt.
Terrapin Partner: 16 Weeks of white wine barrel-aging gives this rye wit beer a complexity never before seen in the style. With aromas of light fruit, spice, and citrus, balanced by a spicy malt backbone, the third installment in the Partner Ships series is sure to delight the senses.
Stone Partner: Chewy malt character supports layers of American hop mayhem (we are playing with Stone afterall) ? a burly, palate obliterating Brown IPA!