Dissident Wines

When the world is wrong and you are willing to fight for your beliefs, you are a Dissident. A dissident does not give up on their dreams. A dissident always fights to unveil the truth. Here you have the true expression of our terroir and its grapes to fulfill your taste and feed your dreams. If you are strong of character and like a wine that matches your own, try Dissident and enjoy our revolution.

The leader of this revolutionary wine is Benoit Fitte. French and adventurous, Benoit always pushes the limits of winemaking to give birth wines you will never forget. He believes that the true essence of a wine lies on the vineyard, that’s why he has devoted his life to unveil the personality that each terroir has to offer, even if that means going against paradigms strongly rooted – like growing top quality wine grapes from vines on pergola instead of vertical trellising!

Expressive nose with notes of red cherry, plumbs and licorice. In mouth has great concentration of red and black fruit, shows silky tannins and has a long aftertaste.


Blend (25% Syrah/ 50% Cabernet/ 25% Merlot)