Many great meals depend enormously on many different factors. Environment, company,  personal palette, what you’re drinking, and what you’re eating can all contribute to an enjoyable experience. The following is a very basic guideline that you can use as a springboard to explore how the many different styles of beer can be successfully paired with your next meal.



sierra-nevada-pale-ale_1 untitled TN-paleale-300x300 Long_Trail-Ale logo

Pair with: Burgers; buffalo wings; Asian food; Mexican food; spicy food; nutty food; fried food; pizza; steaks; Cheddar, Parmesan, or Romano cheeses.



b2 HeavySeas-Cutlass LOGO-yuengling1 picture_1_286x0 speakeasy-metropolis

Pair with: Shellfish; light seafood; sushi; grilled pork and chicken; not-too-heavy pasta dishes (without cream or meat sauces); Southeast; Asian food; Latin food; Mexican food; spicy food.



BROOKLYN-PILSNER HS-Small-Craft-FRONT Mermaid-Tacker pilsner_urquell_wallpaper_by_netickque-d7ffoo5Sierra Nevada Nooner Pils

Pair with: American cheese; Muenster, Havarti, and Monterey Jack cheeses; salads; light seafood; salmon; tuna; trout; asparagus; Asian food; Mexican food; spicy food.



 greatlakesedmundfitzgerald speakeasy-payback-porter_default yuengling_porter_label_e4117439724c24947de37a353a11d096Anchor_ sierranevadaporterwallpaper

Pair with: Smoked foods; barbecue; sausage; rich stews; meats; bacon; chili; braised dishes.



10347770 BostonIrishStoutKegCap HS-Peg-Leg-FRONT image_thumb[1] Murphysstoutlogo

Pair with: Roasted foods; smoked foods; barbecued/grilled foods; salty foods; oysters; rich stews; braised dishes; chocolate; desserts (ideally the beer is sweeter than the dish).

Wheat Beer/ Hefeweizen:


U.W.Bhofbrau-hefePaulaner-Hefeweizen-Logo Blue+Moon+logo 150-Ommegang_witte

Pair with: Light soups and salads; vegetarian dishes; sushi; Gruyère cheese and Feta/goat cheese; sweet and fruity Asian dishes; citrus-flavored dishes, including dessert and salad dressings.

Fruit beer/Lambic/Sour:


LOGO RODENBACH INNERSHW beer_Magic-Hat-9 ommegang-rosetta untitled image_thumb

Pair with: Mascarpone cheese; light white meat; foods driven by herbs and spices; duck and pork dishes with sweet components (avoid very tart lambics); pickled dishes (great with tart lambics); salads with fruity dressings; fruity desserts.